Passion Planner Update

So I have been following the Passion Planner disaster, and I decided that I would not cancel my planner to see if I would get it by the time that I was promised. Well surprisingly I did receive it at the end of February just like I was promised. I didn't get an email saying it had been shipped, and for some reason it didn't show up in my USPS. I was surprised that it showed, up as there are people from November and December that have not gotten it yet. I was happy that it did show up when it did, as I didn't feel like fighting with them for a refund. My thoughts on the planner is that it is okay. I like the fact that it is divided up into times, and have room to write things down at the bottom. Though it is small, it will do. Though I do have to say that I don't think that it is worth the $30. I hope others will get theirs that have ordered before me and that everything will work out for them. Though I don't think that I will order one for next year, and will just make my own.


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