Passion Planner Failure

Passion Planner is supposed to be a wonderful planner. I looked at the website and watched the video. I was impressed that such a young woman, Angelia Trinidad, came up with a great idea, and had such vision. So on impulse I bought one in January, thinking how great it would be to have a planner like this. Now I wish that I wouldn't have, as it is unlikely that I will be getting it anytime soon. I checked out Passion Planner's Facebook page and Instagram account, and have found that she is way behind in orders. There are tons of frustrated people that have ordered in November and have not received their planners yet. They were told they would receive them in January and now it is February. I don't blame these people for being upset, as it is upsetting that you are not receiving a product that you ordered. The sad thing is that the company is not responding to email that people have written, nor are they responding to the comments on social media. You basically have now way to of getting ahold of the company. Sounds like to me, that all she cares about is the money and not her customers. If she truly cared about the customers, she would take five minutes out of her day to update the customers on shipping status. I understand that through her kickstarter, that the company just took off, which is wonderful. Though she needs to take some of that money and higher a shipping company to get the rest of the planners out to people. It is just ridiculous how long it is taking them to ship order out. I have heard that there is goofing off going on, but I have no clue if that is true or not. I do know in an update, she stated that there would be daily Instagram updates, that was over a week ago. It is so sad that she is treating her customers this way. Just by the way that she is acting, she is loosing her customers for this year and next year. There have been people that have been wondering if they should file a lawsuit against her or not. I'm not sure about that, I do know that she needs to do some major damage control in order for her business to continue. She needs to offer partial refunds for her customers, as a planner is a dated product and 1.5 months have gone by since the beginning of the year. I do know that I have looked at her PDF that she is giving out to people that have ordered, and it is okay. I don't think that the planner will really fit my needs, so I will unlikely be ordering another one. I do know that people say the PDF doesn't fit their needs and that they ordered a bound book, not one that they have to print out themselves to bind. IF that was the case then the PDF would have been free or like $5. I know that I wouldn't pay $30 plus dollars for a PDF that I had to print out myself and bind myself. Passion Planner is looking like a failure in my eyes. I have also heard that she does block people who are too negative and therefore a Boycottpassionplanner Instagram site was made for people to voice their concerns on. I have even heard that some of the planners that are being sent out are defective. People have stated that they have contacted the BBB and the FTC to file complaints. I'm unsure what I shall do with my order. When I ordered, it said that I would have the planner by the end of February, then I shall dispute the charge on credit card for fraud. I do know that I will be designing my own planner for next year and will probably share it with people. Passion Planner Website: make sure to read the live testimonials on how unhappy some people are because of their orders. Facebook page: Kickstarter page: Angelia Trinidad personal Instagram: Passion Planner Instagram: Boycott Passion Planner Instagram: Yelp Reviews: Her personal Webpage:


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