Rant of the Day

There is an aide that works at the local elementary school, who goes out into the community and talks about the children. She names the children by name and says mean things about them. That is a big no, as it is in the contract that they have to sign, but she gets away with it anyways. Which isn't right, she will also yell at the students, call them dumb, She has gone around saying that the Special Ed students are really dumb and it has been said that she will sometimes tell that to their face. She has also been known to badmouth the teachers as well. She is always late to her workshops and is always talking on her phone. Yet nothing is done about her and no one can understand why. I know that if it was my kid that she was talking about in the community, she would have a law suit slapped on her. The district keeps someone like that and gets rid of the ones that actually do their job and keep their mouths shuts about the students in the community. How messed up is that???


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