All of this stuff that the NFL is doing to protest the National Anthem is a bunch of B.S.  These men get paid millions of dollars to run up and down a field with a ball, and make touch downs.  So you think that they could pay some respect to the flag and those who fought for them to have this wonderful freedom, but no they have to sit and pout like pathetic babies.  I'm all for free speech and believe in it, but the way that they are protesting is just plain sick and wrong.  There are other ways to get your point across, but instead they chose to protest the flag and national anthem.  That is wrong on so many levels, kids look up to these people.  They are teaching them that it is okay to disrespect our flag and people wonder what is wrong with today's youth.

By protesting the flag, these players should just leave the country and get some people in the NFL that appreciate the freedoms that they have.  These players protesting should be fired and all money stopped immediately, in fact I think they should be made to pay back all the money they have earned in this country.  But knowing them they would just cry more like the big babies that they are.  If they don't want to stand for the flag, then please do us all a favor and leave.  They have that freedom to just leave the country anytime they want.  Maybe living in some of these countries, where you are executed for protests will wake them up to realize what a great country they live in.

It is time for people to take a stand and boycott the NFL.  There are plenty of other sports that you can watch that don't disrespect the flag.  If football is your thing, then start going to the high school games, where the kids respect the flag, or you can get at bunch of people together and play your own game.  But it is time for the people of America to take a stand, and show these over paid players that they will not stand for the disrespect for the country.

So many people have died or have been injured for defending this country we live in.  The least thing you can do is stand and honor the flag.  These people didn't have to give their lives for our freedom, but they did. Yes I am aware that in times of war, young men are taken to fight, yet these men that are recruited do their job, without protesting.

By refusing to show respect you are slapping everyone who has ever fought for our freedoms, you are showing them that you don't care about them sacrificing their lives to give you that freedom.


Life as I know as came crashing down around me.   I have no idea why these events happened or why the people who caused these events wanted to do harm to me and my son.  I have never understood why people could be so cruel to one another, especially to a child.

About a month ago, I was at a job I loved, teaching students.  I was happy. my son was happy and life was great.  My husband and I were paying off debt, getting closer to our dream of buying property and building a house.  We wanted to have a little farm.  Well it doesn't look like that dream is going to come true anytime soon.

All of a sudden at my job there were all of these problems, and I was somehow in the middle of it.  I didn't want to be, and I did my best to distance myself from them, but it didn't matter where I turned there was always something going on.  The on site admin is the cruelest person that I have ever met, she got her thrills out of torturing young scholars especially those who were autistic.  She called them names and told the kids they were dumb.  If you reported her to the main admin, they came back with stop causing problems, you are the trouble maker.   It was starting to get more and more hostile, and I just couldn't take it anymore.  My assistant who worked full time with me in the room, would be mean to the children, then come off with I am the mean one and I was unbearable to work with.

This continued on and on.  Then finally I just had to leave, I couldn't take it anymore.  I couldn't take the abuse, the cruel comments, but most of all I couldn't take the meanness to the children.  Those precious kids didn't deserve to be treated that way.  I tried to stop it but I have failed.  They decided I was a troublemaker and had to be gotten rid of.  They have threatened me to be silent and not to say a word or they would hurt my child.   These people are the most ruthless people I have ever met in my entire life.  They say they love children and want to help them become successful, but the harsh reality is that they want the students to fail.  They want the children to feel dumb and they love to be cruel to them.

I can't believe that these people can get away with what they are doing.  Worst of all I can't believe that they want to harm children.  I still can't get over the fact that they have threatened me and my son.  Why would they want to hurt my little boy, he didn't do anything.  He is innocent in all of this, but to them he is just a pawn in their evil games.  Now I have nowhere I can really turn to.  I have left my teaching position, and pulled my son from the school, but the violence of these people don't stop there.  They have told people who I used to work with to speak badly of me, to get my teaching licence pulled and to ensure that I will never have a good job again.   What in the world drives these people to do this?  Why do they get their thrills out of trying to ruin someone and their family?  There is no call for any of this.  I have worked hard to be where I am at, and I will not let these tortuous people do this to me and my son.


My mother and I both take care of my grandmother, who is going blind because of eye disease.  It is a hard job, especially to see a once vibrant woman reduced down to a woman who can't see good, and  is crippled with arthritis.  It is truly one of the hardest things that I have had to do in life.  But I do it with great pleasure, as my grandparents sacrificed so much to ensure that I and my sister were taken care of while my parents worked.  It doesn't bother me at all to take the time that is needed to spend time with grandma or to help her.

The other day my mother and grandma were coming home from the doctors office and they went through the drive up window to Arby's.  They placed their order and went to pay for it at the window.  The cashier refused to take their money, stating that the man in front of them had paid for their meal.  They were so humbled that someone would do that for a stranger.  So they decided to pay it forward and pay for the car behind them.

This story helps restore some faith in humanity, especially after all that is going on in this world.  It was nice of someone to pay for my mom and grandma's meal, especially during the Holiday season, where it is a hardship on so many people.  Whoever you are stranger, thank you so much for helping my mom and grandma that day.  It means more to me than you will ever know.

Election Riots

I have been so quiet about this subject, as I didn't know what to say or if I should say anything at all.  I decided that I would write about my thoughts and feelings about all of this.

This has been a wild election, with both parties accusing each other of things.  It really has reminded me of circus clowns.  Each contender trying to out do the other one.  There has been some really horrible things that have been said and some really funny things.  It really makes you wonder what is going through their heads, while acting like this.  As a person, I know that I don't want a leader that makes fun of others, and make things look like a circus.

Both candidates have done things that they shouldn't be proud of, that the American people and the world shouldn't be proud of.  Things disappearing off of a server and emails deleted, is a disgrace.  How Benghazi was handled was a disgrace, lives were lost, that didn't need to be lost.  It makes me wonder what kind of president Mrs. Clinton would have been due to all of these things, along with the fact that she wanted to take guns away.  That is not a wise move at all, as the bad people will just keep continuing to get guns and working on destroying people, while the good people are left defenseless to fend for themselves.  I know Mr. Trump is not a saint, but at least he wants to protect our constitution, which is really important to me.

The election results were very close for a while, then Trump won by a lot.  There were states that changed the way they normally vote and went with Trump.  I was glad that Trump won as I wanted to be able to keep my rights.  Now don't get me wrong, having a woman president would have been awesome, and I have always wanted to be a woman president. Who knows maybe one day I will become one.  Mrs. Clinton paved the way for girls to want to achieve their dreams, and she empowered woman to reach for their goals.  I just don't think that she would have been the right woman president.  I do know when the right one runs, I will definitely get out there and support her.

The things that made me sad was all of the riots that broke out the next day because of the election results.  That was just plain childish and there wasn't a reason for it.  It is time that people grow up and stop acting like babies.  Yes I understand they were upset about the results, but so were a lot of other people and they didn't act out in riots.  They were adults about things and moved on with life.  There were no reasons for universities to cancel class and exams just because students were upset and to offer grief counseling.  What the hell is that all about?  There are many people who are trying to better themselves to get a degree, that have families, along with other responsibilities, and they don't get all of these perks.  They don't show up to class and take that test, they fail.  They have something happen in their lives, they don't get free grief counseling.  They have to learn to deal with things and move on.

Let's stop babying the younger generation and babying others.  Make them aware of consequences for their actions, make them grow up and face reality, stop sugar coating everything.  By doing this, we are making a generation that is helpless.  I know that I don't want a helpless person trying to lead this country or be in another position of power.  I want someone who is a go getter, and who knows how to handle the everyday things that life throws at them, without them having a complete meltdown, acting like a spoiled little baby.

Passion Planner Update

So I have been following the Passion Planner disaster, and I decided that I would not cancel my planner to see if I would get it by the time that I was promised. Well surprisingly I did receive it at the end of February just like I was promised. I didn't get an email saying it had been shipped, and for some reason it didn't show up in my USPS. I was surprised that it showed, up as there are people from November and December that have not gotten it yet. I was happy that it did show up when it did, as I didn't feel like fighting with them for a refund. My thoughts on the planner is that it is okay. I like the fact that it is divided up into times, and have room to write things down at the bottom. Though it is small, it will do. Though I do have to say that I don't think that it is worth the $30. I hope others will get theirs that have ordered before me and that everything will work out for them. Though I don't think that I will order one for next year, and will just make my own.

Passion Planner Failure

Passion Planner is supposed to be a wonderful planner. I looked at the website and watched the video. I was impressed that such a young woman, Angelia Trinidad, came up with a great idea, and had such vision. So on impulse I bought one in January, thinking how great it would be to have a planner like this. Now I wish that I wouldn't have, as it is unlikely that I will be getting it anytime soon. I checked out Passion Planner's Facebook page and Instagram account, and have found that she is way behind in orders. There are tons of frustrated people that have ordered in November and have not received their planners yet. They were told they would receive them in January and now it is February. I don't blame these people for being upset, as it is upsetting that you are not receiving a product that you ordered. The sad thing is that the company is not responding to email that people have written, nor are they responding to the comments on social media. You basically have now way to of getting ahold of the company. Sounds like to me, that all she cares about is the money and not her customers. If she truly cared about the customers, she would take five minutes out of her day to update the customers on shipping status. I understand that through her kickstarter, that the company just took off, which is wonderful. Though she needs to take some of that money and higher a shipping company to get the rest of the planners out to people. It is just ridiculous how long it is taking them to ship order out. I have heard that there is goofing off going on, but I have no clue if that is true or not. I do know in an update, she stated that there would be daily Instagram updates, that was over a week ago. It is so sad that she is treating her customers this way. Just by the way that she is acting, she is loosing her customers for this year and next year. There have been people that have been wondering if they should file a lawsuit against her or not. I'm not sure about that, I do know that she needs to do some major damage control in order for her business to continue. She needs to offer partial refunds for her customers, as a planner is a dated product and 1.5 months have gone by since the beginning of the year. I do know that I have looked at her PDF that she is giving out to people that have ordered, and it is okay. I don't think that the planner will really fit my needs, so I will unlikely be ordering another one. I do know that people say the PDF doesn't fit their needs and that they ordered a bound book, not one that they have to print out themselves to bind. IF that was the case then the PDF would have been free or like $5. I know that I wouldn't pay $30 plus dollars for a PDF that I had to print out myself and bind myself. Passion Planner is looking like a failure in my eyes. I have also heard that she does block people who are too negative and therefore a Boycottpassionplanner Instagram site was made for people to voice their concerns on. I have even heard that some of the planners that are being sent out are defective. People have stated that they have contacted the BBB and the FTC to file complaints. I'm unsure what I shall do with my order. When I ordered, it said that I would have the planner by the end of February, then I shall dispute the charge on credit card for fraud. I do know that I will be designing my own planner for next year and will probably share it with people. Passion Planner Website: make sure to read the live testimonials on how unhappy some people are because of their orders. Facebook page: Kickstarter page: Angelia Trinidad personal Instagram: Passion Planner Instagram: Boycott Passion Planner Instagram: Yelp Reviews: Her personal Webpage:

Old bitty in dollar store

This older lady walks into the dollar store with this bag of stuff and just butts right in front of someone. This lady says that she is going butt in front. The lady that was in front of her turned and looked at her. She then asked the older woman if she did not see the items on the belt. The older woman said she did and that she didn't think anyone was there. So the other lady mentioned that the older woman was just going to butt in front of the young woman who was there. So the old bitty got her nose out of joint and became really rude to the other woman. Exclaiming that the other lady needed to get a life. We'll unknown to the older woman that the lady in front of her was the young woman's daughter. So as the old bitty was being rude to her mother, the younger woman turned to the old bitty said you don't talk to my more that way.  Old bitty says oh yea. Young woman says yea and just takes a step towards old bitty and old bitty steps back says I'm not going to fight with you. You are bigger than me. The young woman says that's right your not.  Old bitty huffs away then has enough nerve to walk by the other woman again and call her a bitch.

The old bitty has money and thins that her crap don't stink. But I have news for her, one of these days she is going to find herself in a lot of trouble because of her actions. She is lucky that the young woman was just defending her mom with words. There are some people that would have been a lot meaner. 

The old bitty was in the wrong. You don't butt in front of people, it is rude.  You should ask them if it is okay.  Then the old bitty had enough nerve to lie about it.  Maybe the old bitty needs to put on her big girl panties and get a life of her own.
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