The Help

Tonight my husband and I sat down to watch the movie "The Help." It was such a great movie, I was glued to the screen the whole time. Though the movie made me sad at the treatment of the African Americans in the south. It bothers me that people can be so mean to others just because they are a different race. I'm glad that I was raised to be nice to all people regardless of their skin color. I loved the movie, it was just a big eye opener, as people are still treated that way.


Everyday for the past year people have had to wait in line at the Richfield, Utah Wal-Mart for an average of 45 minutes. The reason is because there are only two regular checks stands open, one or two of the express and self check outs. When you ask a CSM about it, all you get told is that everyone has called in sick. This happens every Friday afternoon and evening, it doesn't matter that it is a holiday weekend, the first of the month, the middle of the month or at the end of the month.

Tonight I was waiting in line when a woman in front of me asked to speak to a manager. She was handicapped as she had a cane with her and looked like she was in a lot of pain. They called an assistant manager up front, and the woman just asked her why customers have to wait in line for a long time on a Friday night. Immediately the assistant manage, who was a female and named started with a B, started yelling at the woman. The woman was trying to explain that she is in a lot of pain and has to take pain meds because she can't stand that long. This assistant manager continued to yell at the woman. Saying things like we are hiring and it takes a while to get people hired and stuff. The woman asked nicely if it took a year to do this, and once again this Bitch assistant manager started yelling at the woman. The woman told her that she was going to call corporate headquarters to complain. The assistant manager told her to go ahead and the walked off. People like that don't need to be in a management position, and had no right to get ignorant with the woman. How would that assistant manager liked it if roles were reversed? I hope that woman calls and complains about that manager, as I know I will. What a freaking bitch.
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