Old bitty in dollar store

This older lady walks into the dollar store with this bag of stuff and just butts right in front of someone. This lady says that she is going butt in front. The lady that was in front of her turned and looked at her. She then asked the older woman if she did not see the items on the belt. The older woman said she did and that she didn't think anyone was there. So the other lady mentioned that the older woman was just going to butt in front of the young woman who was there. So the old bitty got her nose out of joint and became really rude to the other woman. Exclaiming that the other lady needed to get a life. We'll unknown to the older woman that the lady in front of her was the young woman's daughter. So as the old bitty was being rude to her mother, the younger woman turned to the old bitty said you don't talk to my more that way.  Old bitty says oh yea. Young woman says yea and just takes a step towards old bitty and old bitty steps back says I'm not going to fight with you. You are bigger than me. The young woman says that's right your not.  Old bitty huffs away then has enough nerve to walk by the other woman again and call her a bitch.

The old bitty has money and thins that her crap don't stink. But I have news for her, one of these days she is going to find herself in a lot of trouble because of her actions. She is lucky that the young woman was just defending her mom with words. There are some people that would have been a lot meaner. 

The old bitty was in the wrong. You don't butt in front of people, it is rude.  You should ask them if it is okay.  Then the old bitty had enough nerve to lie about it.  Maybe the old bitty needs to put on her big girl panties and get a life of her own.

Update on WalMart coupon policy

A cashier told me today that the reason WalMart had to change their coupon policy was because a man was able to write some software and produce his own coupons for things. Wow. Just have to love these people that ruin things for others. Perhaps this greedy person should pay for all the food that people need to coupon for. I despise people like this. These kind of people need to get a life and stop doing this kind of stuff. I hope they catch the person and make him pay for people's food.
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