Mike Huckabee Video

After the shooting in Connecticut, people have been asking where God was.  Mike Huckabee in this video does a good explanation.


In my personal opinion, God was there that day of the shooting.  He was there helping the teachers and students.  He was guiding home 20 children and 6 adults.  He was there trying to give comfort to the those who needed it.  He is always here, you just have to invite him into your life.

Gun Control & Mental Health

In light of the tragedy that struck Connecticut on Friday, people are once again yelling for gun control.  I really wish that these people would get it through their heads that guns do not kill people do.  Guns do not have minds of their own, therefore they can't say that they are going to kill someone or hurt them.  People on the other hand have minds and sometimes there are those that do think dark thoughts about killing and hurting others.  Gun control is not the answer, all that will do is make it harder for the those who wish to purchase them to use them for hunting or perhaps for protection.  Yes I do think that if one of the teachers had a concealed weapon, that perhaps not as many lives would have been lost.  I've read about countless people who have concealed weapons have saved the day by putting down a gunman and saving countless lives.  Those people in my mind are heroes.

When my cousin was murdered 21 years ago, by person using a gun, my family did not shout we need gun control, what we truly wanted was for the shooter to have justice served to him.

What needs to be done is have more information available about mental health, as it was obvious that the shooter on Connecticut had mental problems, as do most of those who do go on these shooting sprees and murders.  They have made it so hard now days to get the mentally ill help.  I know a man, who had to move out of his house because his wife is a paranoid schizophrenic.  He didn't move out because of the mental disease, he had to move out because she is refusing help and he began to fear for his safety.  There is nothing that this man can do, he has talked to countless people about getting her committed, and all he gets is that there is nothing that can be done until she is a harm to herself or others.  So basically she is a ticking time bomb and tragedy will probably strike in this small town, because she can't be forced into getting help.

I'm not saying that it should go back to the old days, where you could get anyone in your family committed just because you didn't like them.  What I'm saying is that those who have a parent, sister, kid, brother or other family member who is mentally ill should be able to have them committed so they can get the help they need.  I also think that insurance companies need to help pay for this as it is a sickness.  I think that there needs to be more awareness about mental illnesses and how to help someone who has one.


We have all heard about the tragedy that struck Newtown, Connecticut on Friday, about a person shooting 26 people.  Twenty of them being children.  My heard broke when I heard about this and I felt for those parents as I don't know what I would do if something like that happened to my own son.  I felt for the students who heard or saw their friends and classmates shot.  My heart goes out to the whole town and I pray that they can somehow be comforted in some way.

Once again dealing with Walmart

Tonight standing in line at the local Wal-Mart was a nightmare. They only had three check stands open and there were long lines. They were doing really well for that past month, but it is now back to spending 45 minutes in line waiting to get checked out. It is getting ridiculous and I know it makes it yard on the elderly as some of them have a hard time standing that long.

There is also a person that works in the pharmacy department. The person is so slow and takes ten minutes to get your order. Just found out they are sending this person to the pharmacy technician program. You've got to be kidding me, this person just doesn't have the skills, personality or I'm sorry to say the brains to do the program. I'm all for education, but seriously this is one profession they shouldn't be going into. I know that a lot of people have complained to the pharmacists about this person and she screws up all of the time. I overheard someone today complaining to the pharmacist, and said they would sue Wal-Mart if this person filled their prescriptions.

Depends on who you Know

I heard through the grapevine that one of the instructional assistants at the local just got a job as a kindergarten teacher. Now we should all say congrats, right? Wrong, this assistant wears extremely tight clothes, which makes them look like they should belong on the fifth of main. They are not good with the students, and are always busy walking up and down the halls strutting their stuff. Also it took them five or six times to pass the praxis test, and this person was bragging when they finally passed it. I know I wouldn't be doing that, I would be too embarrassed. I feel bad for those poor kindergartners as I'm sure they will be yelled at a lot next year by this person.

One of the first grade teachers cannot pass the praxis test, and was told that this would be their last year. Well the word is that they were able to get an extension from the school district. So they now have another year to pass this test. Come on if you can't pass this test, you shouldn't be teaching.

Just shows that it depends on who you know and who you blow in order to get special favors. I know a few assistants that would make better teachers than these too, but they don't have the right last name.

The Help

Tonight my husband and I sat down to watch the movie "The Help." It was such a great movie, I was glued to the screen the whole time. Though the movie made me sad at the treatment of the African Americans in the south. It bothers me that people can be so mean to others just because they are a different race. I'm glad that I was raised to be nice to all people regardless of their skin color. I loved the movie, it was just a big eye opener, as people are still treated that way.


Everyday for the past year people have had to wait in line at the Richfield, Utah Wal-Mart for an average of 45 minutes. The reason is because there are only two regular checks stands open, one or two of the express and self check outs. When you ask a CSM about it, all you get told is that everyone has called in sick. This happens every Friday afternoon and evening, it doesn't matter that it is a holiday weekend, the first of the month, the middle of the month or at the end of the month.

Tonight I was waiting in line when a woman in front of me asked to speak to a manager. She was handicapped as she had a cane with her and looked like she was in a lot of pain. They called an assistant manager up front, and the woman just asked her why customers have to wait in line for a long time on a Friday night. Immediately the assistant manage, who was a female and named started with a B, started yelling at the woman. The woman was trying to explain that she is in a lot of pain and has to take pain meds because she can't stand that long. This assistant manager continued to yell at the woman. Saying things like we are hiring and it takes a while to get people hired and stuff. The woman asked nicely if it took a year to do this, and once again this Bitch assistant manager started yelling at the woman. The woman told her that she was going to call corporate headquarters to complain. The assistant manager told her to go ahead and the walked off. People like that don't need to be in a management position, and had no right to get ignorant with the woman. How would that assistant manager liked it if roles were reversed? I hope that woman calls and complains about that manager, as I know I will. What a freaking bitch.

President Obama

This is really a rant, I just wanted to express how happy I am that President Obama signed the payroll tax cut that will extend it until the next year. I'm really glad to see that happen as that forty dollars means gas for my husband to get back and forth to work for a week. I've been reading about what forty dollars means to a lot of people and some of the stories were really heart breaking. Some of those people would be worse off than my family if they lost the tax cut. I'm hoping that next year it will also be extended as the price of things keep going up and people are barely hanging on to survive. I really think that the rich should start paying their share in taxes as it is becoming harder and harder for the middle class to support this country.

Rant of the Day

I really dislike it when people abuse the system. There is a person who lives nearby and they have a couple of kids. One of the kids is badly autistic, and I feel really bad for the parents, as that has got to be hard. I don't know what I would do if one of mine were that way. The thing that gets me mad is that she has a bus come pick up the kids, when there are plenty of parents who have more kids and have something wrong with one that will drop their kids off at school, that live in the walking zone. I don't mind that the bus gets the autistic child as that has to be hard, but I get mad when she has one drop the kindergartner off at. She can load up the other kid and go pick up her kindergartner, but I guess she is just too lazy to do that. Rumor has it that she doesn't even talk to her children or interact with them. What kind of parent does that??

Rant of the Day

This whole thing about Josh Powell makes me sick, what kind of person does that to their sons. The justice system let those poor boys down and the social services office sent the boys to their death. The psychologist stated that two workers were to go on the supervised visits. Did they send two?? No they only sent one. I feel so bad for the grandparents, they wanted those children, and the children didn't want to go see their dad that day. Another thing that makes me mad is the fact that the supervised visit was at Josh's home and not in a public place. I don't know what social services was thinking that day. I don't believe that Josh couldn't live without his children, he killed them because they were starting to talk and he didn't want them to say what happened to their mom. This guy is a sick person and really needed to get help. I know that there are a lot of people that are outraged at this whole thing. At the cemetery where the boys were to be buried, lots were bought so he could be buried next to them. If he was going to be buried there, then it had to be 25 feet away. I'm glad that people made sure he couldn't be buried next to his sons, as I don't think that he should be.

Rant of the Day

While on the subject of schools, there is a teacher who works with special ed in the higher grades, at the local elementary school, who loves to cause a lot of trouble among the other teachers. She goes out of her to make up lies about people and if you tell her anything she twists the words around. She has been known to harass other people, threatens them with their job, and nobody does anything about it because she threatens them telling them that she will have her kids come and beat up the people. Good hell why can't people just grow up and mind their own business. Threatening people about having their kids beat them up is childish. There have been multiple complaints about this women, yet nothing is done about it. Makes you wonder who's back she is scratching.

Rant of the Day

There is an aide that works at the local elementary school, who goes out into the community and talks about the children. She names the children by name and says mean things about them. That is a big no, as it is in the contract that they have to sign, but she gets away with it anyways. Which isn't right, she will also yell at the students, call them dumb, She has gone around saying that the Special Ed students are really dumb and it has been said that she will sometimes tell that to their face. She has also been known to badmouth the teachers as well. She is always late to her workshops and is always talking on her phone. Yet nothing is done about her and no one can understand why. I know that if it was my kid that she was talking about in the community, she would have a law suit slapped on her. The district keeps someone like that and gets rid of the ones that actually do their job and keep their mouths shuts about the students in the community. How messed up is that???
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