Thoughts on Phil Robertson

I don't hold anything against anyone.  Everyone in the United States, has the right to exercise their free speech.  These people are entitled to their opinions, and actually have the right to say them.  I get along with people of all nationalities, faiths, and those whose sexuality are different than mine.  My theory is don't force your beliefs on me and I won't force mine on you.  You want to state an opinion about something, that is great, and I will give you my opinion, then we can all go about our ways.  Simple Right?  But it doesn't look like it is in the case of Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty.

Honestly I've never seen the show, though I've heard it is a good one.  I've heard that Phil has a strong belief in God, which is great, so do I.  I'm glad to see that someone on TV expresses that kind of faith, instead of the Miley Twerking crap and other disasters.  

What gets me mad about the whole thing, is Phil just expressed an opinion, when he was asked a question.  He wasn't saying anything bad about the "LGBT Community."  All the man did is express an opinion about it,as it goes against his religious views.   I've read the article and I found nothing bad in it.  It just gets me upset that this man is being suspended from his show because of a remark.  Good Hell, then we should suspend Miley Cyrus from TV because of her twerking and smoking pot on stage, perhaps they should get rid of the Kardashians, while they are at it.  

It just blows my mind on how people will blow things out of perspective.  People honestly just need to grow up and mind their own business.  If they don't like what someone says, then walk away from the person, or don't read the article or watch their show.  That is what should be done, but instead, people have to throw a little tizzy fit like a two year old about this whole situation.  

This is what is wrong with our nation, our freedoms are being taken away from us.  It seems like you can no longer state an opinion, as if you do, then you get get sued, or into a lot of trouble, as it can be offensive to some people.  I'm sorry if opinions are offensive to some people, but there are many times someone will say something that offends me, and I'll give them my opinion back, and then we agree to disagree.  

I stand behind Phil Roberston, and I know a lot of other people do too.  Instead of blasting this man for his opinions, perhaps we should focus our attention elsewhere, and help each other out.  That is my rant for the day.  Here is the link to the article

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