Depends on who you Know

I heard through the grapevine that one of the instructional assistants at the local just got a job as a kindergarten teacher. Now we should all say congrats, right? Wrong, this assistant wears extremely tight clothes, which makes them look like they should belong on the fifth of main. They are not good with the students, and are always busy walking up and down the halls strutting their stuff. Also it took them five or six times to pass the praxis test, and this person was bragging when they finally passed it. I know I wouldn't be doing that, I would be too embarrassed. I feel bad for those poor kindergartners as I'm sure they will be yelled at a lot next year by this person.

One of the first grade teachers cannot pass the praxis test, and was told that this would be their last year. Well the word is that they were able to get an extension from the school district. So they now have another year to pass this test. Come on if you can't pass this test, you shouldn't be teaching.

Just shows that it depends on who you know and who you blow in order to get special favors. I know a few assistants that would make better teachers than these too, but they don't have the right last name.


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