All of this stuff that the NFL is doing to protest the National Anthem is a bunch of B.S.  These men get paid millions of dollars to run up and down a field with a ball, and make touch downs.  So you think that they could pay some respect to the flag and those who fought for them to have this wonderful freedom, but no they have to sit and pout like pathetic babies.  I'm all for free speech and believe in it, but the way that they are protesting is just plain sick and wrong.  There are other ways to get your point across, but instead they chose to protest the flag and national anthem.  That is wrong on so many levels, kids look up to these people.  They are teaching them that it is okay to disrespect our flag and people wonder what is wrong with today's youth.

By protesting the flag, these players should just leave the country and get some people in the NFL that appreciate the freedoms that they have.  These players protesting should be fired and all money stopped immediately, in fact I think they should be made to pay back all the money they have earned in this country.  But knowing them they would just cry more like the big babies that they are.  If they don't want to stand for the flag, then please do us all a favor and leave.  They have that freedom to just leave the country anytime they want.  Maybe living in some of these countries, where you are executed for protests will wake them up to realize what a great country they live in.

It is time for people to take a stand and boycott the NFL.  There are plenty of other sports that you can watch that don't disrespect the flag.  If football is your thing, then start going to the high school games, where the kids respect the flag, or you can get at bunch of people together and play your own game.  But it is time for the people of America to take a stand, and show these over paid players that they will not stand for the disrespect for the country.

So many people have died or have been injured for defending this country we live in.  The least thing you can do is stand and honor the flag.  These people didn't have to give their lives for our freedom, but they did. Yes I am aware that in times of war, young men are taken to fight, yet these men that are recruited do their job, without protesting.

By refusing to show respect you are slapping everyone who has ever fought for our freedoms, you are showing them that you don't care about them sacrificing their lives to give you that freedom.
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