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This whole thing about Josh Powell makes me sick, what kind of person does that to their sons. The justice system let those poor boys down and the social services office sent the boys to their death. The psychologist stated that two workers were to go on the supervised visits. Did they send two?? No they only sent one. I feel so bad for the grandparents, they wanted those children, and the children didn't want to go see their dad that day. Another thing that makes me mad is the fact that the supervised visit was at Josh's home and not in a public place. I don't know what social services was thinking that day. I don't believe that Josh couldn't live without his children, he killed them because they were starting to talk and he didn't want them to say what happened to their mom. This guy is a sick person and really needed to get help. I know that there are a lot of people that are outraged at this whole thing. At the cemetery where the boys were to be buried, lots were bought so he could be buried next to them. If he was going to be buried there, then it had to be 25 feet away. I'm glad that people made sure he couldn't be buried next to his sons, as I don't think that he should be.


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